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Florida Sting Rays By: Tanya Rothe



The Florida sting ray is a magnificent creature that spends its time roaming various floor levels of the great sea.  In order to prevent an attack from an oncoming predator, they will bury themselves underneath the sand so that they are completely hidden.  Most sting rays will live their lives by themselves instead of in groups or pods like most other sea animals.  Sting rays are carnivores mainly eating fish.  They tend to be quite shy and get scared easily, but their attack can be quite deadly to you if they get the chance to sting you. 



Florida Sting Ray Photos & Pictures


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Because of the brownish color, rays are able to camouflage themselves quite well into the sand so that predators have a harder time seeing them.  At times, they are even able to slightly change their color.  The majority of them are able to live to a ripe age of 25 years and a size of 7 feet in length.  What many people do not realize is that the sting ray does not attack.  The only time it uses its stinger is when it is needed as self-defense.  Do not be afraid of sting raysUse precaution when in shallow ocean waters and shuffle your feet.  The vibration will warn them that you are coming and they will usually swim away.



Interesting Facts about Rays


  • Are considered cousins of the shark
  • 200 species of the sting ray
  • 2 different categories: bottom and swimming
  • Generally feed on worms, clams, shrimp, snails and fish
  • Most live in freshwater
  • Venom is protein-based venom





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